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Welcome to the GeoPangea Research Group (GPRG)

Who we are……

GeoPangea Research Group (GPRG) is non-profit organization founded in May 31st, 2010, led by ideas from young and passionate geoscientist. This group aims to contribute scientific knowledge in numerous aspects of geoscience (i.e. regional geology, sedimentology and stratigraphy, structural geology, tectonics, etc.) by performing research and partially to demonstrate their application towards the concept of hydrocarbon exploration. Results of our research are documented in the published articles, journals, papers in oil and gas exhibitions/conventions both in regional and international level of professional events.

Outcrop of Balikpapan Formation along Palaran Bypass, Samarinda. East Kalimantan-Indonesia










Focus area of GPRG is primarily field and experimental based research . Up to date there are more than twenty professional papers and articles have been published by GPRG, with the first research conducted in late 2010. Since then, this group keeps consistently developing experimental sed-strat analyses and structural analogue modeling within the loop of research projects. GPRG is currently employed by eight professional researchers and undergraduate students .