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Indonesia has a complete geological objects such as outcrops (igneous rock, sedimentary rock, metamorphic rock and pyroclastic rock), mineral deposite, active and non-active volcano also geoheritage as Indonesia precious assets. However, there is obstacle that the lack of specific application to record coordinate location of geological objects and Geotage present to solve the obstacle.

Geotage was built by java programing language with eclipse tool and server database using MYQSL. Geotage can be free downloaded in Google Play Store via android smartphone and Geotage run well on android jelly bean to the latest version. After downloaded Geotage, user have to register for using all Geotage features.

Registered user can upload coordinate location, description and picture of the geological object. These data will be stored in Geotage server and can be shared each other users. Then, Geotage user can also access geological object data from other users. Geotage also serves geoscience social media for discussing geological object. Hopefully, all of Indonesia precious geological objects can be recorded in Geotage so they can be recognized and preserved by us.


These days, there are a lot of activities in the world that are focused on understanding and/or developing information. Geological Objects/Geological Sites are a kind of information which is essentially the plain facts and statistics collected during the time. They can be used to measure/record a wide range of geological history – both surface and subsurface.


a. Berbah Pillow lava as geopark in Yogyakarta; b. Deltaic Sediment outcrop on Samarinda.

Geotage aims to facilitate custom-built, web-based systems for share the geological sites information. It is a social networking-enable photo sharing and discussing service for mobile device that can allows users to share with anybody related geoscience objects or sites.

Geotage Features

Geotage is a user friendly and very simple application. This app featured a social networking layer that enabled a user to share their “geoscience sites” location with friends. Geotage focus to being primarily a local search and discovery tool, where users can follow others to receive local recommendations about objects from them. There some features of the geotage application:

  1. Globe Icon : Main screen is open after “Opening screen‟ It’s display google map setting and presenting the location of the user . Geotage is ultimate geoscience objects guide. It finds the objects or outcrops nearby for traveling or looking to discover. This feature is simple, elegant interface with mapping options all over the world. For best display it need a mobile data connection.

Geotage application icon in android home, User can choose type of maps in Geotage application. a. Normal maps, b. Terarain maps (show morphology in selected area) and c. Satelite (show image from satellite)


Menus Icon : Menus icon presenting short description of information about heritage or objects updated from geotage user. User could read short reviews and never miss out the heritage or outcrops on the best thing to experience. With just one click on the title, the objects information automatically open.User could read short reviews and never miss out the heritage or outcrops on the best thing to experience. With just one click on the title, the objects information automatically open. Besides this, there is Discussion Hall feature where another geotage user can give any testimonies or comments related to the post. User could check the profile of the geotage user that post the objects by clicking the profile picture also.


Add Place Icon : By press the add button-on lower right corner of the screen (Figure 4), geotage user can add the objects they wanna share. User can select the object’s category, object’s type and input the name, the formation, address, city also set the coordinate and make some descriptions about the objects besides that user can upload at least 1 photo max 6 photos. After all of the data has been input, user can upload to the server for sharing the object or save to draft as pending post, conversely cancel the post


Setting Icon: Fill in the mandatory fields on the page, since the user need to login or register before use geotage application. These fields include the user’s account, user’s password, besides option on or off notification about the geotage app, in the same way enable or disable to display compass. Furthermore there are option to contact the geotage admin, the term and conditions of the application and geotage’s all about option.


Geotage link for Digital Outcrop Geology (DOG)

 Geotage will also provide 2D & 3D digital outcrops reality. this planning is intended to preserve our outcrop legacy in digital dataset even though the outcrop data was disappear in existing location. (included dip/strike, fracture and Bedding lineament, fossil track, etc)


Ex : 3D digital outcrop reality of tidal bar deposit, Balikpapan Formation. East Kalimantan


Our team already collected more than hundred outcrops that will be converted into 2D & 3D digital dataset. Later on these dataset can be used for education, professional, and government needs.

Geotage is a communication and discussion application for everybody, especially for those dealing with geoscience objects or sites and geoheritage in the world. please feel free to visit our webpage :http://geotage.com/index.php/home/index and download application https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mam.gprg.ourrocks

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